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This is the old version of my site. For the latest version please click here.

Web site design.

I have designed a handful of web sites, mostly for fun. Sadly a couple of them were private jobs, which means I can't tell you what they were or link to them, but they were quite good and they weren't porn.

I am looking for more web design work so if your club, organisation or ego could do with a new, straight-forward web site for next-to-nothing, or perhaps even less, then please contact me.

In 2008 I re-designed this one, my web site, that you're looking at now. And yes, the 'more modern' link is still supposed to look a bit retro.

Some other sites I've done:

Power To The Beats
Utah Saints fan site
Ability Driving School
film fan site
Four Letter Abbreviation (& Acronym) Hunt
utterly pointless

Some of this is done with the help of the wonderful Marisa Harlington.

I also helped out in a small way with Harlington Wine.