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Other Stuart Bruces.

It's like "Are You Dave Gorman?", but shorter.

  • Stuart Bruce
    Australian cinematographer
  • Stuart Bruce
    Leeds-based 'PR guru'

  • Stuart Bruce, a Bath-based music producer who's worked with Nik Kershaw, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Yes, Duran Duran, Bob Marley and The Damned.

  • Stuart Bruce, a UK-based sound recordist for the Digital Garage Company here- and I think this is his entry on the Internet Movie database.

  • Stuart Bruce, a musician who produces "crunk rock / metal / soul" (not my kind of thing) that you can listen to at

  • Stuart Bruce, a member of the Hawick and Border Car Club, came third in their 2002 Hangover competition.

  • Stuart Bruce, Education Manager of the Eastern Orchestral Board.

  • Stuart Bruce, listed as a guest star on an album called 'Bohinta - Belladona'.

  • Constable Stuart Bruce, Community Beat Manager of the Grange and South Gosforth wards of the Northumbia Police force, whose web page seems to have disappeared.

    If the one you're looking for isn't here, try Friends Reunited, where there are at least twenty more not listed here.

    If you're on a proper hunt into the Bruce family tree you would be better off at